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Open Feature request MC-2452

30min @ES chart on last 15 years ... put a quick dual mov avg and open a report. Now save it ... it'll take forever, and I mean forever to generate a 1MB file xlsx report

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problem is the xlsx file is only 1MB size ... so it's clearly an optimization process issue ... I mean common, Tradestation does it in no time.
It's just an optimization on sections:

1) List of Trades
2) Periodical Analysis

At a very least, it would be GREAT to be able to disable [PeriodicalAnalysis - Daily Section - which is the most time consuming].
While List of Trades can be disabled, in the Periodical Analysis one can either disabled it completely or leave it enabled. There should be an option to enable only the monthly and yearly Periodical Analysis section.

However ... points 1 & 2 above should not take 20 minutes to execute on such a chart ...


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