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Open Feature request MC-2479

Contest sensitive coding

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In most coding environments, and even Excel, when one is writing code, especially complex or multi level type code, there is some level of context sensitive awareness. The most obvious of these takes place when using BRACKETS. So at the most basic level, when the cursor is next to the left or right bracket, it highlights both in a separate colour. Where this is at its most powerful is when you have a complex formula with many levels of brackets. Trying to work out where a bracket might be missing can become extremely time consuming and wasteful, when a simple colour sensitive highlight would save so much time. I did a search for this issue, since I assumed there would have been many requests for it, but strangely not a single request? Perhaps I just used the wrong search term.

I hope readers can all vote for this very obvious upgrade, even though I realise the number of votes should be mostly ignored, since so few MC owners will even read this post. I assume MC management have already worked this out long ago.

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