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Open Bug report MC-2490

Portfolio Trader - no continuity between sessions, no synchronization of itself with broker open positions

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Assume one trades with Portfolio Trader and has hot 2 positions open, and then one is forced to shutdown / reboot the computer.
Upon restart, Portfolio Trader won't pick up from where it left - meaning, there is no synchronization between broker account open positions and Portfolio Trader.
Even if one "saves" Portfolio trader before reboot, no such synchronization happens.

Possible solutions:
1) Sync with broker positions
2) Upon saving, save also the "active" state of a live trading portfolio manager, such that when opened next time - it opens in live trading with all previous open positions.

Steps to reproduce this issue

see above

Comments (2)
No such user
Aug 20, 2018 - 22:36

I did not see any such conflict in your blog post.Its indeed perfect for quality customs writing script and I want you to share more such posts in future.Thanks.

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Aug 24, 2018 - 03:05
Hello andb,

When auto trading is initially started/restarted in SA mode - the strategy position is flat (zero). If you have an open position at the broker and you want your strategy to continue managing this position - you need to feed this position to the strategy.
If you are trading one instrument using a single strategy – this can be done automatically.
If you need to split the current position across multiple strategies – you need to specify the position manually for each strategy next time you turn on the auto trading.

Please also keep in mind that only the open position information is synchronized (direction, amount of contracts, avg entry price), active price orders you have at broker cannot be synchronized. It means you need to manually cancel the active orders at broker and if conditions for generating these orders are met - the auto trading will place them.

There are multiple ways to synchronize the strategy position with the open position at broker.
Please refer to our Wiki section to learn the difference:

To open the Strategy Properties window in Portfolio Trader - right click on the Strategy in the Portfolio Tree-> Show properties-> Auto trading-> Assign the initial market position at the broker settings.
Please keep in mind that if you use the option “Use the actual position at the broker” the same open position will be assigned to each trading instance of this instrument (even in different Portfolios).
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