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.NET 11 PortfolioTrader with a FlipFlop strategy fails to execute on 1minute bars (regardless of the source)

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icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Duplicated" and resolution "Not determined".

Set following strategy:

using System;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Linq;
using PowerLanguage.Function;
using ATCenterProxy.interop;

namespace PowerLanguage.Strategy {
public class FlipFlop : SignalObject {
public FlipFlop(object _ctx):base(_ctx){}
private IOrderMarket buy_order, short_order;
private int lastSignal;
protected override void Create() {
// create variable objects, function objects, order objects etc.
buy_order = OrderCreator.MarketNextBar(new SOrderParameters(Contracts.Default, EOrderAction.Buy));
short_order = OrderCreator.MarketNextBar(new SOrderParameters(Contracts.Default, EOrderAction.SellShort));
lastSignal = 0;
protected override void StartCalc() {
// assign inputs
protected override void CalcBar(){
// strategy logic
if(/*CurrentPosition.Side == EMarketPositionSide.Flat && */(lastSignal != 1)){
lastSignal = 1;
} else if(/*CurrentPosition.Side == EMarketPositionSide.Flat && */(lastSignal != -1))
lastSignal = -1;
}else {

It is designed to enter sequentially long then short. And it works on any 1 minute chart.
Set a Portfolio Trader in .NET (tried on latest 11.0) with 10 futures symbols set on 1 minute (data source=IQFeed) on a Paper Trader account.
Add our above FlipFlop strategy.
Hit the Automate Order Execution button. Surprise: nothing happens ... no orders, no nothing.

With such behavior how can we trust Portfolio Trader with live brokerage accounts ... one wonders.


Steps to reproduce this issue

see above

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