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Open Feature request MC-2497

Improve RMC menus

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I get the feeling that there aren't a lot of traditional chartists using Multicharts, drawing trendlines and such. As if there were, they would have noticed the cumbersome and inefficient use of the RMC menu structures, or lack thereof.

My request is to improve the menu structure when RMC on a particular item. Currently for example, if I draw a trendline, and wish to then extend it to the right, but not as a default, I first have to RMC, then select another menu option, then click another check box. Clearly this is a massive waste and can be improved 100%.

I would ask the MC developers to transfer many of the secondary menu choice items (after a RMC choice is made) to the 1st menu when first RMC.

The ultimate goal is to minimise the number of mouse clicks needed to achieve a task, while at the same time keeping things from getting out of hand with perhaps a menu choice that was too long. But this should not be an issue when we are dealing with the context sensitive nature of RMC. So in my example above, the choice to extend a trendline to the left or right would appear right when I RMC on the trendline. This will bring it into line with say Tradestation and Metastock, which have had this kind of menu structure for over a decade.

I hope this is clear. And when this logic is applied to many other secondary menu choices, I feel a substantial reduction of mouse clicks can easily be achieved.

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user-offline.png  Heather Gordon (heather gordon)
Aug 29, 2018 - 10:34

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