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Open Feature request MC-2532

PowerLanguage - expose the .NET equivalent of .BarsOfData(N) and PortfolioStrategies[0].Signals[0].StrategyInfo, rather than messing around with GlobalVars

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I start to see more and more the benefits of the .NET version ... through its powerful classes.
Would be great to see a catch up in terms of API capabilities. Some examples are .BarsOfData(N) and PortfolioStrategies[0].Signals[0].StrategyInfo which are accessible from a MM signal.
No idea how can these be nicely accessed from PowerLanguage (other than using local vars exported with pmm(s) functions, or global variables - which tend to have a lot of Gotcha's and idiosyncrasies you'd like not to waist time with).


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user-offline.png  andb (andb)
Nov 29, 2018 - 07:14

To add a little bit of context, pmm(s) MM functions will be lagging:

whatever (say, var - milk = 1) is exposed in Strategy 0 and available within the MM signal for Bar N - if we want to push milk to strategy 2, then strategy 2 will only get access to milk's value in bar N+1 ... since strategies are evaluated sequentially in their order, whilst the MM signal is evaluated last - for each and every bar.

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