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Open Feature request MC-2574

Playback - No Bars for a Symbol with " Global Mode " - Jump to Next Bar

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The feature request is that when you have several symbols in " Playback - Global Mode ", and when 1 or more symbols have no data ( at a certain point ), all the symbols jump to the next bar of the symbol that have no data. If there are more than 1 symbol that have no data, the jump is the next bar for the symbol with the biggest gap. This way the playback is continuous for all symbols. Symbols with data that makes the jump, doesn't exclude any bars in the jump; the calculation of all bars in the jump is calculated, when a symbol without data makes the jump with 1 bar. This feature is important when using many different symbols in " Global Mode ", and not just many charts of the same symbol. Alternatively there can be an indication, highlighting or 2 timelines, of where the jump was, for symbols with data ( "Start" / "End" ), and just 1 timeline for symbols without data ("Gap"). A dropdown menu besides " Global Mode " would be nice to enable the function. Maybe highlighting can be included in this dropdown menu too. Another idea is to have timers for symbols without data, to see how much time there is for the next bar to occur ( based on playback speed ). Then you can manually decide to make the jump ( for all symbols ). This is done from the symbol that have no data. This time symbols with bigger gaps may not reach its next bar ( after the current gap ), but all other symbols with data has followed ( the symbol without data that made the jump ). I think that there should be an own button for jumping manually. :) I hope that this is something that is useful for others too. Please give some feedback on the issue. Best regards, Johannes Hillestad Baumann.

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