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Open Feature request MC-2583

Power Language-Chart Trading Panel extension

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Having the ability to control certain aspects of the Chart Trading Panel from within Power Language.
I would like the ability to:
1) disable Buy/Sell buttons under certain conditions
2) set the # of contracts based on market volatility
Right now this has to be done manually....and you know how that goes.

I am constantly finding myself getting out of winning positions too early ...and want to disable the sell/buy based on my position until the market trend changes. This is a huge problem for me right now.
Also, I find myself trading the same number of contracts regardless of market volatility conditions. I'd like to set the default number of contracts based on a volatility measure. I am constantly having to change the default # of contracts in the trading panel. It would be great if the software could do it from an indicator or signal.

Here are some ideas for implementation:
Remember: With PowerLanguage any and all kinds of logic can be applied.
Setting the bet-size based on current volatility makes a lot of sense.

So all we need is a few getters and setters: CTP = Chart Trading Panel
v1 = CTPGetBuyButtonStatus; // returns true/false
v1 = CTPGetSellButtonStatus; // returns true/false
s1 = CTPSetBuyButtonStatus(boolean True/False); // true = enabled
s1 = CTPSetSellButtonStatus(boolean True/False); // true = enabled

v1 = CTPGetQty; // returns current size
s1 = CTPSetQty(long ); // sets current size

Wow, this would be a huge improvement for those who are semi-automated traders (like me !!).

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