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Open Feature request MC-2604

Stop/Limit Price Emulation only within the custom session template

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It is common for auto-trading that the trader trades several strategies of different instruments using different trading sessions (custom session templates). The traders normally switch on Multicharts for trading once a day or once a week (even once a month) and keep Multicharts running for days and weeks without turn-off the strategies. Currently, Multicharts send strategy orders wither directly to brokers or emulate locally until the price is touched and then sent market orders to the brokers. With the Emulate Locally function today it still possible that the stop/limit orders will be filled outside the session time if the price is touched outside the session template. And this is normally not what the strategy wanted.
So if Multicharts can further emhance the Emulate Locally function to have it only emulate the prices within the session template time, and not perform the emulation function when outside the session template time. This would be very useful and appreciated by auto-traders.
With this function, it actually make the backtesting result in line with the real trading result (the backtesting result will not have any order fill outside the session template).

Please consider this and make it happen as soon as possible.


Paulmako Lee

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  Paulmako Lee (Paulmako Lee)
Sep 19, 2019 - 09:21

In TradeStation, if you do not select "sent stop order to "TradeStation Order Execution Netwok", then the stop order will be emulate locally in TradeStation and only for the time within Custom Template, not outside. Therefore, it will not have the issue of order being filled outside the Custom Template.

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