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Open Feature request MC-2605

additions to doc and updates idea -- Suggestions I think would be helpful for others

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As I am trying to get better at c# as it is implemented in MC.Net, I keep finding info over here, and over there.

0 - Update the Programming reference manual. It looks like back in 2015 and ver 1.2 of the doc. It is missing a lot of the newer capabilities. Or maybe I just missed them. What I think would be helpful is that instead of putting the info about new things is to put them in the programming guide and point the blog has only having a title / 1 liner about the change / addition and then link to the page section of the programmers guide. This way we see the change and can see how it relates / fits in. Also, I would like to see in a column off to the right, be a field that is either a-> the date added or b-> version # when the info / feature / API was added/changed/ enhanced.
1 - I would really like to see the help file which starts from the Editor to have many more snippet examples.
2 - to have that as a 2nd example up in the WiKi . 4.7.6 Volume Profile.
3 - Also would it be helpful to have the structures - Iprofile and ILevel also listed in the following area? Collections Elements - with the other collections / data structures
4 - A wish ->-> is to have many more examples, snippets, to be included in the supplied indicators , studies ... They could be in a sub folder to distinguish from other type of code. They could come from your test cases. Maybe even take all of the supplied solutions you provide while responding to users on the forum, Add all of those things to the User Contributed section. It would save a lot of time digging through the forums, looking for code.

Any way - it is a journey as I am self learning C#. I have an old programming degree, and no formal learning on OO, just online stuff. I like the Msft Bob Tabor lessons on C# general stuff. For examples of things specific to MC.Net, where is the best place to find examples? As a resource I use Visual Studio and the ability to search entire solution. So I search on possible keywords involved in whatever I am looking for. ex - VolumeProfile. If I find a match, I look at it as a example.


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