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Open Bug report MC-2606

MC.Net 12 (Build 18187) When starting a workspace - hidden data stream causes indicator based on it, to not appear also

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If I put an indicator in a sub chart and it is based on a hidden data stream, it also does not appear, as if it is hidden. Changing data from hidden on any subchart , then OK, then I can go back in and return data to hidden and indicator stays visible. for the rest of the time. Until next time I load work space, either because of complete MC.Net reload, or close workspace and reopen.


Steps to reproduce this issue

Problem occurs when starting a workspace and chart(s) within it, On any chart add data 2 (in my case the same setting as data 1. I just needed footprint values.) Make it hidden, and then have an indicator based on it. You want the indicator to show up, (in my case sub -4). The indicator does not appear, as if it was taking property from data, not it's own. Once I go to popup menu, change data to some existing sub chart value and press OK to get it to display in the chosen sub chart, then magically, my indicator also appears. At that point I can go back in to the popup and change the data back to hidden and all is good with the indicator remaining to appear for the rest of the session / time running.

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user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Oct 01, 2019 - 00:20
Hello John, We were unable to replicate this behavior on our end. Please reproduce it using one of the prebuilt indicators and capture the complete process of creating the chart and further setup/reproduction on a video. Attach the video and the workspace you are using.
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