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Open Feature request MC-2609

make once keyword persist thru reloads & symbol changes

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Please change the operation of the "Once" keyword to only execute the one time it is called per use in the current MultiCharts process instead of every time data is reloaded.

I understand "Once" needs to adhere to the EasyLanguage legacy meaning from where it originated, however:
1. It is trivial to program that same logic functionality of executing one time per new symbol or data reload (without "Once") using existing PowerLanguage boolean flags.
2. It is currently impossible to run a "CommandLine" statement in indicator code which will reload data on the chart without repeating in an infinite loop.
once CommandLine(".rld int = 1 day"); // executes constantly in indicator code, so why have it?
3. The intuitive lexical meaning of the word once does not contain a bunch of clauses where it is allowed to repeat after certain actions. Once means literally one time only.
4. There is no other way even using Global variables that will save state after chart reload or symbol change.
5. Making this change to "Once" is the easiest way to have variable memory persistance without having to add a whole new data type or other difficult change.

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