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Open Feature request MC-2615

Horizontal Line Custom Toolbar or Line Right Click Presets Menu

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Every time I analyse something I draw a horizontal line on a chart. Different lines of different colors, styles and thickness mean different things for me. I can testify in congress :) that horizontal lines are most used tool by traders. Even prop firm and fin institution traders use them in the same way . So where do i waste most of my time when I use this package. Yes, on changing colors and thickness. This is like 10 years overdue really. Absolutely necessary thing and easy to implement. Given that you have your default toolbars ( 90 % of icons I never use actually) you probably will not like changing the way software looks by adding an option to create custom toolbar with 8-10 buttons for horizontal lines presets. The easiest way to implement without changing anything is to have an option when right click on the horizontal line for a menu to pop up. That menu would have an option "save as a preset" say 1 to 9. That should be more then enough for every trader out there. Better even if custom names could be given. This is like a set of pencils for an architect. There is no need to take my word for it, easy to research by sending above paragraph to traders and asking what they think of it ( not too many traders read this long forum so I would not rely on votes here along).

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