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Open Feature request MC-2616

Option to disable Chart double click to format window

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Hi, I use a lot of mouse click capture of chart location data for EL programming purposes. Unfortunately maybe every 4th to 5th click I accidentally do a double click and I get the "Format Window" screen coming up. I never use the double click method of getting to this window. Instead I use right click. After a while this popup starts to get a bit annoying. So since these two features I use conflict with each other and since it probably occurs for other users and since some people probably like this double click feature I an thinking it would be handy if there was a checkbox on that popup at the bottom which would give the user the option to turn off the display of the window upon chart double click. I can't see myself ever wanting to turn it back on since I don't think I have ever used the double click method even before I did all the mouse click data programming. I always used right click. It is not as if I have to go in to that popup all that often now that everything is programmed.


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