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Open Feature request MC-2625

chronic paintbar misalignment

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Have what I think is a simple question. I cleaned up my charts by converting some studies into paint-bar. However, I run into a visual scaling issue that I cannot resolve.

PlotPaintBar (open , close, "down", rgb(170, 1, 0));

The problem is that above formula requires manual setting of a paintbar width (screenshot below). I do that and charts look great as long as I do not touch them. When I expand and contract them on the horizontal axis however ( and I do that a lot everyday) it is either too wide or too narrow ( as you can see below). Result is that I lose a sense of order as this visual mismatches confuse my perceptions.

Please suggest how to adjust the code so paintbar width is auto adjusted to candle body width.??

I was told by support this only works by .net version. Please realize that is not not feature request but a fault. Paints bars do not work as they are expected so what the point of having them if they only mess up the charts visually.?

I tried to play with bringing them into background by using "visual order" and found a bug in your system. You do that several times with few indicators and dragging stops working vertically only horizontally works. One frustration led to more frustration.

More on candle colors If you do not want to support paintbars why not have an ability to set candle colors from custom conditions in easy language. I am sure that does not require any resources if we can set up and down candle colors in menu I am sure adding a simple keyword "setcandlecolor" like you have "setplotcolor" to override the menu or something of that nature is no programming project by any means. Small thing but will help. I am in this for over 20 years I am sure others will appreciate too. Thank you.

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