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Open Feature request MC-2626

BAR DELTA FUNCTION - very important request. we are at the disadvantage

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I contacted support a while ago and was told its not available but there is an indicator someone has contributed. After careful examination and testing (backed by years of experience working with concept) came to sad conclusion that all of the sophisticated analysis tools we have at this platform are great but they are peripheral in away by missing the main point and making the analysis more difficult then it should be really be.

First of this user contributed study you have is some sort of guesswork playing with volume averaging in relation to close an open , etc. This has nothing to do with delta, great job but this is not bar delta ! Copy of the relevant section below. So I need to get this out of the way first.

I WILL USE VOLUME ANALYSIS TO EXPLAIN THIS. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR ANYONE WORKING WITH THE CONCEPT. Say we have no volume information as it was in the 80 ' s or as deliberately hidden by some brokers. Then someone like this company does great job in developing dozen of tools to estimate it and measure it and how it possible distributed around the bar. Great by no means. Excellent job. But if there is single number such as bar volume available no need to guess. THIS IS THE STARTING POINT OF ANY ANALYSIS. This is what I or any rational trader wants to know first. Look, there is so many variables I need to look at and think about their meaning the last thing I want to to have the whole screen of tools to try to figure out what he bar volume is. First I need to see what total volume is and how it related to many things conceptually and only then zooming in and using all the great tools we have.

Same with delta. Say I have volume of 1000 contract below a bar. I want to relate this to delta. This is all anyone needs really to start with. We have bid ask delta with numbers. Great! But only show one price point. We have imbalances highlighted. Great, very valuable but for more advanced and more specific analysis. Actually ability to reference all the above in easy language would also be extremely useful as well at being able to monitor totals of imbalances horizontally. Getting back to the point, I can wright pages and pages that probably no one will read in detail for will get to main point. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: throw in a function "bardelta" same as volume so it is in the list of indicators. Competitors had it in 2010, and that is only what I seen. When major institutions had it I can only guess. Can we please have it in 2020? Elementary math really you add all bid and ask columns in the bar vertically and provide a difference between the totals as an output. Even simpler actually, as volume is already there we need to subtract total bids or totals asks from volume and there you have it. This is what I an doing with a calculator as I write this.

What is there on the distribution as a delta in profile is great but most of the time traders need dynamic analysis in relation to time. Say we have a trend correction. If it on a lower volume or higher volume? That I can ascertain. Is it on a significantly higher delta or lower delta as that correction progresses? I am scratching my head and straining my eyes and brain doing he numbers to get a sense of it. I really just want to plot it below volume and move on to other things. I want to throw some moving average on it.

As of this month you will charging 2k for access to a platform as you have delta analysis advertised as part of it everywhere with wonderful colorful screenshots that NASA control center would be jealous of. That is a lot of money for access. and.. I am using some silly approximation that any kid can throw into any free software out there. The internet is full of such indicators.

This is really really needed. Just trust me on that one. There are leading providers like CQG and MarketDelta contracting them ask asking for an expert on the matter and his opinion would prove my point best. Some very reputable traders also rely on this.

Thank you for your time and attention. I hope that managed to make a point. If I had access to the platform code and new how I would not be asking this. Would have done it myself.

sample of someone's code:

If volume > 0 then volumework = Volume
else volumework =1;

myclosedelta = close/volumework - open/volumework;
myhighdelta = high/volumework - open/volumework;
mylowdelta = low/volumework - open/volumework;

if myclosedelta > 0 then begin
diff = myhighdelta - myclosedelta;

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  rsloboda (rsloboda)
Jan 09, 2020 - 22:47

actually while we are on this...

in addition to a function 1) "bardelta" as requested above another one ( of course"barticktelta" as variation for tick based)

2) "barimbalancedelta" would also be very useful (% imbalance and min difference could just be there as ibputs in the function code. and (bartickimbalancedelta)

3) "deltabar" (tockdeltabar) indicator as seen elsewhere that would plot the candlestick indicator as in that user contribute study you gave me would be more then wonderful as at trader could see dynamics in buying or selling. Based on actually delta not on volume divided by close and subs.

We are talking serious tools as could be very helpful to make informed decision. This game is extremely difficult as it is so accurate and relevant information will not hurt any one :) cheers

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