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Open Feature request MC-2639

1 second bar vertical dotted lines to match minute bars.

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Not sure if this would help other traders but for me yes. I am using 1 minute bars and 1 second bars. I just noticed that your vertical dotted lines in the 1 second bars are somewhat random as far as I can tell. It would be very useful (for me at least) if the vertical lines on the 1 second bars matched the completion time/second of a 1 minute bar. I personally think that traders using 1 second bars would also be using 1 minute bars so I think this idea may be well received. I use to use 10 second bars (bad idea). However even when I was using 10 second bars I was using 1 minute bars and back at that time it would still have been useful to have the 10 second bars vertical dotted lines marking the end of a 1 minute bar. I would be really surprised if there are traders (at least day traders) not using 1 minute bars with your software. So yeah, I am pretty sure this idea would be very well received.

And you know, as a bit of an aside (off topic), way back when I was very active on this forum I suggested a set of features related to forum users being able to get emails of feature requests so they could know to vote yes/no/etc. I would still love to get those emails. I find I don't know what is changing in MC and emails like that would make me more aware and more involved.

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