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Open Bug report MC-2643

Horizontal Price tracking should not appear in RSI, %R, etc

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Hi, I posted this to the forum at Your text to link here... because I filed this issue in the bug tracker a long time ago and it seems to have dropped off the database. The 3rd paragraph of the forum post explains it. There are other suggestions for the bug tracker in that forum post as well.


Steps to reproduce this issue

Easy. Just turn on tracking price and time with a stock under 100 dollars, where you have RSI and %R subcharts and notice the horizontal line appears in both RSI and %R where it is not needed nor wanted. It should only appear in the price chart.

Comments (2)
user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Aug 18, 2020 - 00:14

In MultiCharts we already have the option you have described. Please try to use Tracking Time option in View -> Tracking Settings. The Tracking Time and Price mode shows both Time and Price lines, and the Tracking Time mode shows only the Time line.

user-offline.png  bowlesj3 (bowlesj3bt)
Aug 18, 2020 - 04:11

Hi, Thanks for reading my request.

Regarding your comment that the feature already exists, yes what you say is true. It is possible to track both time and price. However you did not understand what I am saying. When MC is set to track time and price it is okay for it to do this in the price charts across charts but it is not okay for it to at the same time be tracking price in the RSI and %R sub charts. In those charts it should never track price. When I say price I mean horizontally because in RSI and %R horizontal does not really mean price but rather it means value. In the RSI and %R charts it should only track time across charts. In RSI and %R it is only okay to track horizontally for value in the chart where the cursor is currently located. Let me repeat this. In RSI and %R it is only okay to track horizontally for value in the chart where the cursor is currently located.

Example 1:
This means that if the cursor is in the 5 minute bar RSI it should only be showing a horizontal line in the 5 minute bar RSI (no where else - not in the upper 5 minute bar price chart, not in the upper 10 minute bar price chart, not in the 5 minute bar %R chart and not in the 10 minute bar RSI chart. not in the 1 second bar RSI chart, etc). In this situation showing the vertical line in all charts and sub-charts is great. Just not the horizontal lines.

Example 2:
To put it another way horizontal tracking across charts should only occur in the upper price charts (1 second, 1 minute, 5 minute, etc). The reason for this is price means price and value in these sub-charts means value rather than price. In other words if I buy a stock for a price of $50 the RSI could have a value of 50 as well but this RSI value of 50 has nothing to do with the $50 price of the stock. To put a horizontal line at the value of 50 in the RSI makes no sense and is an annoyance.

Hopefully that emphasizes it enough to make it clear. Again Thanks for reading my request. Those who use RSI, %R and other sub-chart indicators I sure will love you for this change :-) Maybe it would actually save processing time. I don't know.


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