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Open Feature request MC-2677

Convert unexecuterd limit/ stop order into market only under specific conditions

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MC has a function which allows to convert unexcuted Limit or stop orders into market if they are not filled within X second. (where X can be defined per chart)

This functions is generally very usefull, but there are market like Forex, CFD, Futures where market condition are not optimal, spread very wide, and therefore this function can lead to very bad execution and be counterproductive.

To optimize the function, it could be change as follows:
1) Option 1 (reccomended): Enable the conversion only when broker Bid ASK spread on the chart is less than X ticks, where the X can be configured. E.g. enable the conversion onlz if spread is lower than 6 pips. this shall be configurable per chart

2) option 2 (alternative): enable the conversion only during a speciic timezone. this can be conigurable by defining a session in quite manager. once defined, user will assign the session for which the function shall be activated. the session shall be defined in the same screen where the user activate the functionalitz, adn therefore be configurable per chart. \

Option 1 seams best, because the spread can enlarge at any time. it looks also more easy to implement.

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