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Open Feature request MC-292

Make Tracking Line Static

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The tracking line is very useful for correlating simultaneous data between charts. However, it would be far easier to do so, if the line would stay on the same date and time until one clicked on a chart to move it so that one wouldn't have to find his place again when moving between charts. Such a change could also allow for tracking between workspaces.
This could be easily accomplished by simply only moving the line when the user clicks on a chart (I have managed to do this with a mouse movement filtering DLL so far, but it would be far better to have the functionality native to MultiCharts). It would also be good if the tracking line didn't move when a new bar formed, as it currently does. With those two changes made, the tracking behavior would be as useful as that of TradeStation.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Turn on tracking mode. Move the mouse over a chart while having another chart visible.  Locate a date and time of interest on one chart.  Now try to read values off the other chart at that date and time.  It can't be done without memorizing the date and time of interest because the tracking line moves as the user moves the cursor to the other chart.

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  bowlesj3 (bowlesj3bt)
Jul 28, 2017 - 06:39

Interesting. I never had a problem in the past because I had 8 charts and I had them set up on 3 monitors such that they were always visible at the same time. I also don't use another symbol to predict my current symbol so again the need to compare to another symbol is not there (my system is complex enough as it is). One monitor failed me and I am now at two monitors. So now with 2 monitors I am noticing that the cross hair does not track on the ones that are hidden and it only tracks when the cursor is moved. My solution is to go back to 3 monitors and use both cursor and price tracking. So I guess what I am saying is it sounds like a great idea but I think it should be an option since some who have even more monitors than I have will probably be happy with it as is (an option just like having time only tracking or time and price). Having said that if the option was there I might try it and find I get use to it and like it. I can't say. I kind of like that fact that as I move the cursor on one chart I all of a sudden notice it moving on the other charts. I think I would miss that. Again you get use to it. So for sure, as a new option if the MC team has time and priority it sounds okay. Maybe a toolbar button to toggle between the options would be in order just like the option to grab the chart and move it wherever you want.

I think this is a duplicate entry of MC-943

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