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Open Bug report MC-307

Beta 3 (4267) 'Insert Signal'/'Insert Study' icon actions need refinment

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Three minor fixes needed:
1.The dialog window is always openinig at "Insert Signal" Tab regardless whether I click on
"Insert Signal" or "Insert Study" icon.
2. There is inconsistency in terminology here. The dialog window has a Tab called "Indicator"
Shoud the icon be called "Insert Indicator" instead? (I mean the pop-up description for the icon).
Otherwise the Tab in the dialog window should be called "Study". Please give it some attention.
3. The pop-up hint for the icon "Insert study" incorrectly reads "Show/Hide Drawing tools".

Steps to reproduce this issue

Click on "Insert Study" and Insert Signal icons. Observe the wording of the pop-up hints.
Observe the Tabs, and how they called in the dialog window that opens.

Comments (3)
user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
26 de abr de 2011 - 11:20
  1. Not a bug, expected behavior.
    "Insert Signal" button calls "Insert Study" dialogue window with signals tab.
    "Insert Study" button calls "Insert Study" with the last active tab from previous time. Depedns on what you have applied before.
  2. Not sure what you mean. The head of the window is "Insert Study", tabs are: "Indicators", "Signals", "Add-Ons".
  3. Our engineers did not manage to reproduce the issue. Please, shot a video for us.
user-offline.png  geizer (geizer)
26 de abr de 2011 - 20:20

1, #2 never mind

How to reproduce #3:
1. Customize "Chart Analysis" toolbar.
2. Remove any one (or all) of the following icons: "Insert Instrument", "Insert Study", "Insert Signal"
3. Close the customize window
4. Open Customize window and add any one of the previously removed icons again.
5. Close the customize window.
6. Roll the mouse pointer over the newly added icon. Watch the description reads "Show/Hide Drawing tools"

user-offline.png  geizer (geizer)
26 de abr de 2011 - 20:24

Restarting the Multicharts fixes the issue, but I think this behaviour is weird.

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