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Open Feature request MC-364

IB sub-accounts is not shown

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I can only see the advisor account number followed by a letter "A" in the end, but it includes the balances and positions of the all the sub-accounts.
The sub accounts' balances and balances should be distinct from that of the advisor.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Have a set of IB accounts (i.e. advisor with multiple client accounts) and login to that. Open Order and Position Tracker and you'll see the problem.

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  Stan_MultiCharts (Stan_MultiCharts)
Jun 02, 2011 - 20:08

At the time of MC7 Beta 3, TWS released a new build which DID NOT allow people to trade directly to subaccounts from Chart Trading and from the DOM. We saw this and adapted in MC7 Beta 4 - the ability to trade the subaccounts was removed as well. 
However - interesting thing - either because of user feedback or for some other reasons, IB added the feature back in their next build, which is now available. MC7 Beta 4 is still not able to trade the sub accounts, but this feature will be returned in MC RC. In the mean time, if you really need this feature, you can roll back to MC7 Beta 3, or wait for the Release Candidate.

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