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Open Feature request MC-374

synchronizing studies

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I've discovered a major barrier in developing synchronous studies using global variables.  I'm displaying the same instrument over multiple time frames (1min, 2min, etc.) in the same worksheet but in their own plot windows.  I then apply the same indicator (eg, Fast Stochastic) on all of them.  The study computes a custom value derived from the Stochastic and sets a unique global variable corresponding to each of the plots.  The main plot window where the strategy is applied then reads these global variables, including the one set by the indicator applied to the same plot.  The problem is there's no guarantee the global variables are set by all the indicators in time for the strategy to read them for the current update tick.  In fact, it never does since it appears the strategy is always executed prior to indicators, although this may be different on mufti-core PCs.  In any case, what is needed is am option to prioritize studies.  The option is used to set the priority or ranking, where 1 is first, 2 is second, etc.  This way it can be guaranteed that a study with priority 1 will be executed first on each update tick, a study with a priority 2 will be executed second, etc.  The trading strategy on the main window can then be given the lowest priority (eg, 5 if there are 4 plots that need to share the values).  Hence, it can read the global variables safely knowing they were set to the most recent custom values computed by the indicator.
I feel this is an essential feature to provide the proper co-ordination of studies when data sharing is required via global variables, or other means for that matter.

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New feature so can't be done.

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