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Open Feature request MC-489

Disengage Symbol Visual Order display from Status Line and Data Window Display Order

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Currently the Instrument must be last on the visual order(behind everything else) for plotting on the chart, to appear first in the status line and the data window.
This is true even though the Instrument prices are selected and placed at the top under format windows>status line.
In other words, the visual order placement for the instrument overrides the status line settings for the order of display in the status line and the data window.
Benefit:  Allows you to make the price plot more visible on the chart while maintaing its top display in the text areas of the status line and data Windows where it is most accessible for quick comparisons.

Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. Set the symbol as the first(top) item in the visual order setting.
  2. Check the price (OHLC) and put it at the top of the format status line.
    It does not appear first.  When I enable the multi line mode, it appears near the end
    after the indicators on SC#1,
    but before the other items that are checked. 
  3. If you set the symbol as the last item in the visual order, then the price info appears first in the status line and the data window.  This should have no effect on these, but it does.
Comments (1)
user-offline.png  Phil (phil1000)
Oct 09, 2011 - 01:38

See MC 35 for additional information.

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