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Open Feature request MC-532

MBTrading Cost basis for Open P/L in order and position tracker

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MB Provides 2 ways to calculate Open P/L, the P/L for the day and the P/L for the avg cost basis. MC is only using the P/L for the day thus positions held overnight do not reflect the actual P/L as calculated by the avg cost basis.
ex: my current MC open P/L shows that I am up 93.90. My real P/L as calculated from by avg cost basis on the position held overnight should show aprox -$800

Steps to reproduce this issue

put on any trade thru MB Trading, hold over night and look and the MC Order and Position tracker the next day, it will only show the P/L since the session open for the current day, not the P/L since the trade was put on.

Comments (9)
user-offline.png  Ulich05 (Ulich05)
Aug 04, 2011 - 00:28

this is for MC 7.0 build 4510

user-offline.png  Ulich05 (Ulich05)
Aug 04, 2011 - 08:31

this is what MBT will report, http://uploadpic.org/v.php?img=770HuQmaLu

user-offline.png  Dave (Dave)
Aug 04, 2011 - 08:34

Please provide us with answers to the following questions:
1) How is the value calculated: on ask, bid or trade basis?
2) What is the category of the symbol: Stock, Futures or Forex?
3) Did the issue exist in previous version of MultiCharts?
4) Is Open PL calculated in MultiCharts the same as the one calculated in MBT Navigator?

user-offline.png  Ulich05 (Ulich05)
Aug 09, 2011 - 16:56

srry for delay, mkts been busy
1: value is calculated difference between avg cost basis amd the last last trade
2: futures
3: i reported the same issue on multicharts descressionary back on april 13 i believe, nvr got a reponse
4: Open PL in MC is showing the "Today Total P&L" section in MBT Navigator. it is showing correctly however "Today Total P&L" from MBT is totallyuseless, it looks at if you are long or short and calculates the difference from todays average price of the contract and the last trade price. It's a widly inacurate way of reporting P&L since it has zero relivance to anything anyone looks at
MC would be best to display the "Basis Toal P&L" result from MBT navigator which is the real drawdown for the total position.

user-offline.png  Dave (Dave)
Aug 10, 2011 - 08:35

Thank you. The engineers are looking into this.

user-offline.png  Dave (Dave)
Aug 12, 2011 - 06:46

We failed to reproduce the issue ( see MBT-OpenPL.png).  Do you want a different Open PL to be displayed in MC? Please send us screenshots showing the figures that you are talking about.

user-offline.png  Ulich05 (Ulich05)
Aug 12, 2011 - 06:46

was the trade put on today or held overnight? Once the posotion is held overnight you will see the deviation between todays P&L and the basis total P&L

user-offline.png  Ulich05 (Ulich05)
Aug 12, 2011 - 06:55

my screen will show exactly the same as yours had i put the trade on today, once held overnight though you will see the difference.

user-offline.png  Dave (Dave)
Aug 24, 2011 - 10:56

The trade showed on the screenshot was held overnight. Please come to our Live Chat Mon-Fri between 6:30AM and 11AM EST so we can connect to your machine remotely for investigation.

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