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Open Feature request MC-540

MultiCharts Window Title too long

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The window title of MultiCharts is always "MultiCharts - ".
I have usually 5 - 15 MultiCharts windows open.
This is necessary because intraday data (1-min, 5-sec) consumes a lot of
However, on the Windows taskbar I only see the windows as "MultiCharts -
..." because there is not enough space to show the name of the workspace.

I would like to have the option to show the workspace name only in the
window title instead.
I already know that it is MultiCharts that is running because of its icon so
"MultiCharts" is just useless clutter here.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Open several MultiCharts instances with a workspace each.

Comments (2)
user-offline.png  mechtrader (mechtrader)
Aug 09, 2011 - 21:51

I agree this feature is needed, but I would prefer the standard format of "[Workspace Name] - MultiCharts". Most modern programs that run multiple instances use this format, for instance: MS Word, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, OpenOffice, etc. This would allow users to distinguish multiple instances on the taskbar and is standard practice.

user-offline.png  TraderJ (TraderJ)
Aug 10, 2011 - 00:54

I agree with mechtrader.
Here is a workaround which I use until this feature is implemented (if it ever will be).
I wrote a script for AutoIt 3 which does the trick. Simply download and install AutoIt 3 (it's free) and then run the script below. I compiled it to an .exe and attached it to my start menu so I can run it easily after I have launched my MultiCharts instances.
Here is the script (I stored it in a file named "ShortMultiChartsTitle.au3"):

$titlePrefix = "MultiCharts - "
$titlePrefixLen = StringLen($titlePrefix)
$var = WinList($titlePrefix)
For $i = 1 to $var[0][0]
  ; Only display visble windows that have a title
  If $var[$i][0] "" AND IsVisible($var[$i][1]) Then
     $oldTitle = $var[$i][0]
     $len = StringLen($oldTitle)
     $newTitle = StringRight($oldTitle, $len - $titlePrefixLen)
     WinSetTitle($oldTitle, "", $newTitle)
    ; MsgBox(0, "Details", "Title=" & $var[$i][0] & @LF & "Handle=" & $var[$i][1])
Func IsVisible($handle)
  If BitAnd( WinGetState($handle), 2 ) Then
    Return 1
    Return 0

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