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Open Feature request MC-553

TT DOM Price

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TT DOM Price uses the average price of the day rather than the last executed price. It is better to use the last executed price because (1) the way MC present its DOM should be consistent across multiple brokers (I have used IB and Zen which showed executed price) and (2) DOM in other platforms shows executed price. In fact, a DOM that uses average price is rather odd.
Similar to issue MC-426 in that MC uses TT raw data rather than edit it.

Steps to reproduce this issue

I spoken to Andrew from MC who said "TT shows average price of your
order in DOM. They calculate average price of your sells per day and
shows average when you place another sell. The same for buy. It means
that you will be able to see correct price only if you place 1 sell/buy
per day. In OPT in MC you can see average price on Positions tab and you
can see real price of order execution. I am sorry for inconvenience
Sir, but this is what TT gives us."

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