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Open Feature request MC-578

Add Simulation Account

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When I used MCDT 7.0 in connection with a Rithmic data feed to make some tests concerning the discretionary trader interface I got a problem:
My data feed demo account had a balance of $0.00. Therefore I was not able to make any trade through the discretionary trader interfaces (DOM, chart trader, and trade bar).
As furthermore not all brokers offer a free of charge demo account I want to suggest that Multicharts should integrate a kind of simulation account into MCDT 7.0. It's purpose would be to test the DT interface and to learn trading without the need of a demo account at a broker. The simulation account would only exist as a small part of software in MCDT and no orders would be send to any broker when using the DT interface. Currently, I do not find such a SIM account in MCDT.
You could also simulate order routing and execution latency into such a SIM account (use preferencies). Each buy/sell order execution should use the depth of market for the corresponding instrument to make a realistic SIM account order execution (respect the market liquidity). The user should be able to set up the balance of the SIM account and also to reset the SIM account to the original state. By the way, NinjaTrader already has integrated such a SIM account and it is very helpful for learning and testing.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Use MCDT (final release from 15.07.2011).

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user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Dec 06, 2011 - 02:58

Zen-Fire Local Sim Broker profile was introduced in MC 7.2 Beta 1

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