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Open Feature request MC-600

Adding instrument directly from PowerLanguage

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I use Euronext indices and other market indicators for which eSignal, as all other data sources I know, does not provide market breath. I need to build my own customs instruments. For example I have written an indicator summing up all the volumes of the 40 instruments of the CAC40. It works ok. But I have to add all the instruments manually in each window. As this indicator relies on the current data series, it cannot be used outside the context of the chart, which leads to several drawbacks :
- it cannot be used in the real-time scanner
- it cannot be used as an input for other indicators (for example as the volume input in PVT indicator)
- it cannot be used "as is" in another chart (different time frame for example) without having to manually add all the data series (40 for the CAC40, 250 for the SBF250 !!!)
It would be great if PL could do something like that :
xVol[0] = volume( sym("AC-EEB") );
xVol[1] = volume( sym("AI-EEB") );
Then we use a loop to sum up all the volume of each data series. In this example, AC-EEB and AI-EEB do not need to be added to the chart. Another common trading software allows that, without the issue of EFS regarding the number of symbols allowed in the formula.
Thank you.

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user-offline.png  Fabrice (fpa)
Mar 13, 2012 - 17:49

It would also be useful to be able to use multiple data series indicators in the scanner.
Thank you.

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