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Open Feature request MC-612

Portfolio Backtester removes uncompiled signals from portfolios

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In the 7.0 Release version, the Portfolio Backtester has unexpected behavior concerning signals that aren't compiled. Specifically, it will remove signals from a saved portfolios if the signals aren't compiled. 
For example, do the following:
1. Create a portfolio with an existing entry signal and an exit signal. Note that both signals will appear in the TreeView list in the left of the Portfolio Backtester, underneath "Strategy 1: Signals" (or whatever the name of the strategy is).
2. Backtest the portfolio to conform that it works. (The particular results aren't important.) 
3. Save the portfolio workspace, and close the file.
4. Edit either the entry signal or exit signal in the PowerLanguage Editor, so that that signal is no longer in a "compiled" state. This could be as simple as typing an extra space in the script.
5. Open the earlier workspace that you saved. The uncompiled signal will no longer appear in the TreeView list. If you compile the signal, it still will not appear in the strategy.
This behavior is unexpcted, in that the uncompiled signal is just deleted from the portfolio strategy, without any indication. 
It would make more sense for the signal to remain in the strategy, with an error message being generated if the user attempts to run a backtest without compiling the signal. E.g., if the user attempts to run a backtest using an uncompiled signal, the Portfolio Backtester could raise a modal dialog box saying something like: "Signal [name of signal] is not compiled. Please compile the signal before running a backtest."

Steps to reproduce this issue

See above.

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