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Open Feature request MC-621

Intrabarpersist warning at Update On Every tick choice.

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1 of 2 related suggestions: This is a documentation related issue.
It is an idea extracted from this link.
When a user checks "update on every tick" a WARNING popup box could tell them that in order for the variable to retain its value when a new tick comes in "IntraBarPersist" needs to be used. . However, at the same time maybe they should get an error if the compiler detects they are using IntraBarPersist for the ID of a Text_new Arw_new or TL_new. The reason you can not use IntraBarPersist as an ID for these commands is the object keeps getting removed until barstatus = 2 anyway and storing a number that might change the next time around causes problems (I made that mistake). So the warning would need to take them to a help to explain why. It needs to explain it by sending them to a help page that shows them the process. My link below explains that one too. It took me a long time to figure out what was going on. If a popup showed up every time a user used "update on every tick" and it took me to documentation and examples it would have saved a lot of time.
The problem with IntraBarPersist is experienced programmers and normal people learning programming will automatically assume that a variable (once set) will not be changed by something else. Their assumption makes perfect sense. The need for the inclusion of IntraBarPersist to do what is normal is not good. So I guess it is too late to remove IntraBarPersist but these ideas would help.
If this suggestion goes in consider this idea for turning warnings off then on again.

Steps to reproduce this issue

See this post for test code. The thread includes code for the TL_new problems as well.

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