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Open Feature request MC-639

Save SubChart sizes

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As a feature request I'd like to suggest saving subchart sizes for indicators when saving templates to remember the subchart sizes set by the user. 
This way different charts to which templates are applied will get uniform subchart sizes, and not require manual resizing.

Steps to reproduce this issue

I don't think it is a bug, just a feature request.
Add several indicator studies to a chart,
resze height of subcharts,
format/save study template,
remove studies from the chart, or open a new chart,
apply saved template,
and look at the  subchart sizes.

Comments (2)
user-offline.png  James_s (James_s)
07 de oct de 2011 - 04:41

I realize setting subchart sizes wouldn't work if you are applying templates to other studies on a chart, or applying multiple templates, but maybe it could still work if you are replacing studies. I usually remove studies and then add a template. If the template menu had a menu option to either "replace studies" or "add to studies", the replace option could remove studies and then apply the template with saved subchart sizes. That's how I would use the templates most often. As always nothing is as simple as it first seems to maintain compatibility with different ways of using the features.

user-offline.png  James_s (James_s)
07 de oct de 2011 - 15:40

Alternatively if the program can detect there are no studies on the chart, it can use the saved subchart sizes upon apply the template.

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