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Open Feature request MC-653

RSI subchart to somehow have colored lines at 10 unit increments.

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Currently I have plots on my RSI subchart that shows me the 10 unit increments. I have different colours that I have set for different levels. Unfortunately snap mode has to be off because if a trend line is put on the subchart it will snap to these plots rather than the RSI plot I want. So one idea is to have full snap mode control. The other idea is to have the RSI such that the 10 unit increment values can be colour coded without the need to put a plot out there.
See this link for ideas for full control of snap mode to work around this problem.


Steps to reproduce this issue

Turn on snap mode and put plots on the RSI subchart which are not RSI and you will see that the trend line will snap to any plot. It should be such that you can select the plot you want the trend line to snap to as suggested in the full snap mode control link.

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  John Bowles (bowlesj3)
Oct 11, 2011 - 05:18

I actually have a bit of a work around for this for anyone tempted to vote on it. However it is a lot of work. I have programmed such that arrow drops can show the RSI value where they are dropped. Later in my external program I can pick up the RSI value of two arrows that are highlighted and sending the value using the MC_Arw_GetActive commands. The button click on the external program triggers a line to be moved to the time and RSI values of the two arrows. I get a perfect line drawing. To remove the line I move the line to an RSI level outside of 0 or 100 and it is hidden for me by the program. This is my rather complex way of solving this problem.

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