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Open Feature request MC-692

Data Number of a instrument can't be changed after removing a data series

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When using multiple data series (> 2), and removing one from these, the data series number (defined in the Format Instrument -> Settings -> Data Number) can not be manually changed.

For example, if you calculate a strategy or indicator on four data series, and remove the second, the other data series will hold the numbers 1, 3, and 4. Now, multiple annoying things happen.

First, you'll get an error popup saying that Data 2 is missing. But because you can't manually change data 3 to data 2, and data 4 to data 3, you'll need to delete Data 3 and Data 4, then re-add each of them, and then turn on the indicators and signals that got turned off by the error popup.

It would be a lot easier if we can change the Data Number in the Format Instrument -> Settings screen, so that we don't need to manually remove each data series and then reapply it. That would be quite an time saver.

Steps to reproduce this issue

See description and attached image.

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    Example of the inability to change the data series number uploaded Nov 06, 2011 by JoshM (Jura)
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