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Open Feature request MC-786

cache folder for .SCH

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My question related to the real time "Cahce" which has .SCH file type.
The default path is
C:\Users\Userprofile\AppData\local\TS Support\MultiCharts Discretionary Trader\Cache
I believe this is where the real time data collected by from Quote Manager are written to disk.
Is it possible to change the path of this real time Cache folder?

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Replied from Andrew MultiCharts--[/b]
Unfortunately it can't be done by simple hot fix. Please, leave us a feature request: http://www.multicharts.com/pm

P.S. Microsoft recommends to sotre cache data exactly in this directory on C drive to avoid possible issues.

Request .
I would like to propose to have option to select cache folder  for the cache since this folder is being written and load in realtime.
Would it be more effienct to have option to change the cache folder to Managed ramdisk or SSD.
THe cache folder won't write to the Database until MC and QM is EXIT and CLose.
Even sometimes MC Crashed with QM. The database is not being recovered fully (windows does not crashed in this case)
In my  case the of using RAMDISK , it has features to save at interval time. (1m interval)
So the data is written on cache and saved even MC /QM crashed, there will be minimum data lost. and increase in Chart loading time.
In case of using SSD, It could be enhanced by adding Saving data to GDB at interval time.

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