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Open Feature request MC-955

Lock today's trading day on the chart and bar spacing level

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I'd like an option that would lock today's trading day on the chart. Also, I'd like to change the bar spacing levels. 
Depending on the chart size, sometimes the bar spacing level is not capable of just showing the amount of data we want on the chart. Sometimes it shows to much data, other times it won't show enough and this is because the minimum level the bar spacing move is not adequate to our needs. My request would be to unlock the levels and let the users move it freely. My idea would be using the X time scale, we could grab it using the mouse pointer and then move it to the left or right, basically moving bar by bar showing this way the data we want.
Another option that should be given would be to lock the first bar of today's trading day to the left hedge of the chart. This way we could only see todays trading day on the chart window. This option should be made available using the mouse right button menu.Selecting it the chart would move the first bar of the day to the left hedge, locking it. But this option should be automatically switched off as soon we would change the bar spacing, get back to its normal view. If we wanted to lock that first bar again we would have to select it on the mouse right nutton menu. We could also use a keyboard shortcut for this.

Steps to reproduce this issue

You can see the difference between both images. That difference is just one spacing level.

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user-offline.png  esbee (esbee)
Aug 11, 2017 - 17:34

Yes it would be great to be able to lock the displayed chart range. Here are a few suggestions

  • Current trading day
  • Current week
  • 7 days
  • 2 weeks
  • 1 month
  • Year-to-date
  • 1 Year
  • Custom X days
  • Custom X bars
  • etc.

It would also be great if we could color link charts' ranges like we do with instruments or resolutions.

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