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Open Feature request MC-998

Brokerage Account Defaults are not transmitted to Strategy Properties

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In the Manage Broker Profiles>Settings UI it is possible to enter the related default account. In the Manage Broker Profiles>Financial Advisor Settings it is also possible to select Single Account Allocation and to enter an associated account number.
Unfortunately, this data is not used to populate the same UI when visited from the Strategy Properties>Settings and Strategy Properties>Financial Advisor Settings UI. This means that the user has to re-enter the exact same data in two places--another big opportunity for error.
I have nine separate strategies that I want to automate in two separate accounts...meaning that I have to set this information in 18 different places (and, by the way, check symbol mappings in 18 different places too). This is extremely painful.
This is related to issue MC-977.

Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. Go to Manage Broker Profile>Settings and enter a default account number.
  2. Go to Manage Broker Profile>Financial Advisor Settings and select the Single Account Allocation radio button and enter the same account number from step #1
  3. On any chart Go to Strategy Properties>Settings. Note the default account number is null
  4. On any chart Go to Strategy Properties>Financial Advisor Settings. Note that the Automatic Allocation method is selected and all related data is null
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user-offline.png  pburich (pburich1)
Jun 12, 2012 - 03:42


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