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How can I connect different databases to MultiCharts?

1. Close all opened instances of MultiCharts.
2. Make sure "tsserver.exe" process is not running in your TaskManager.
3. Go to X:\Program Files\Common Files\TS Support\ directory, where X: is the drive where MultiCharts is installed (C: by default).
4. Rename your current "Databases" folder (e.g. rename to "Databases-old").
5. Create a folder and name it "Databases".
6. Place in this folder all the 3 files:
    TSCACHE.GDB (for ver. 385.1201 or higher).
7. Restart MultiCharts. Now your symbol portfolio, stored data, exchanges and sessions templates were all replaced with the data and settings from those databases.

Note. The files from different "Databases" directories should never be mixed.