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How Should I start working with OwnData?

To begin using data from eSignal, you must install eSignal software. OwnData works only with eSignal internet version.

To download it, visit the eSignal company website.

After the eSignal has been successfully installed, you must install OwnData following the instructions of setup.exe. After that you’re ready for work, but first you must add the necessary securities to the portfolio. Launch OwnData from Start-> Programs-> TS Support-> OwnData. To learn portfolio handling please read the corresponding parts of the Help. After adding the necessary symbols to the portfolio, launch TradeStation and switch to eSignal mode using the button in the System Tray. Since that moment all incoming data will arrive from eSignal, if you need to receive data from TradeStation Securities, use the system tray icon again. So you can plot one chart from eSignal data and another from TradeStation Securities data at once.