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Article/Author: Omega Research Inc., 1996


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Indicator - RateOChangeFromStart
Function - RateOChangeFromStart

Category: Indicator > Miscellaneous


Calculates the rate of change of the current Chosen Price as compared to the first price of data. this indicator is a modification of classic Rate-of-change indicator. The Price Rate-Of-Change (R.O.C.) indicator (percent method) is calculated by dividing the price change over the last x-periods by the closing price of the security x-periods ago. The result is the percentage that the security's price has changed in the last x-periods.

If the security's price is higher today than x-periods ago, the R.O.C. will be a positive number. If the security's price is lower today than x-periods ago, the R.O.C. will be a negative number.


A long recognized phenomenon of security prices is the fact that prices tend to surge ahead and retract in a cyclical wave-like motion. The Price Rate-Of-Change indicator illustrates this wave-like motion of a security's price in an oscillator format. As the security's price increases, its R.O.C. will rise; conversely, as its price falls, its R.O.C. will fall. The faster prices rise or fall, the faster the R.O.C. will rise or fall.


MyValue - required type of price

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