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OpenTick exchange codes

A - American Stock Exchange
AO - American Stock Exchange (options)
B - Boston Stock Exchange
BO - Boston Options Exchange
BT - Chicago Board of Trade
C - Cincinatti Stock Exchange
CO - Chicago Board Options Exchange
DT - Dow Jones
EC - Chicago Board of Trade (Emini)
EM - Chicago Mercantile Exchange (Emini)
HT - Chicago Mercantile Exchange (GLOBEX)
IO - International Securities Exchange (options)
M - Chicago (Midwest) Stock Exchange
MT - Chicago Mercantile Exchange
N - New York Stock Exchange
NO - New York Stock Exchange (Options)
P - Pacific Stock Exchange
PO - Pacific Stock Exchange (options)
Q - Nasdaq NMS
S - NASDAQ Small Cap
T - NASDAQ Listed Stocks
U - NASDAQ Bulletin Board
UT - Chicago Board of Trade
V - NASDAQ Bulletin Board (pink)
W - Chicago Board Options Exchange - non options (QQQ, SPY)
X - Philadelphia Stock Exchange
XO - Philadelphia Stock Exchange (Options)
at - Attain Book
br - BRUT Book
bt - Bloomberg Book
cm - CME Book
ct -CBOT Book
em - CME E-Mini Book
is - Island Book
no - Attain (book 2)
mx - currently is not used