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We are happy to introduce the awaited Portfolio Trader functionality, which takes automated trading to a new level!

Whether your portfolio includes 2 stocks or hundreds of instruments across different markets – Portfolio has you covered. Set up strategies and autotrade portfolios with one click!

Get a lifetime license of MultiCharts 9 or MultiCharts .NET 9 and enjoy new Portfolio Trader functionality with free upgrades to all future versions.


*Limited time! Offer valid until October 17th, 2014. All versions come with free lifetime upgrades. If you have any questions send an email to or call us toll-free (US) +1-888-340-6572. Visit for complete information about the product and offerings.

MultiCharts Team

MultiCharts Launches Exclusive Educational Services!

We truly believe that education is the key to success! Trading is a tough business and education makes the difference between winning and losing, or profit and loss. You get better at anything that you train for, and trading is not an exception. There is a number of existing training approaches: trading rooms, online webinars, recorded courses but they all lack the individuality. MultiCharts is offering the service that will be a perfect fit for you:

One-on-one trading seminars with leading traders and renowned educators!

MultiCharts gathered trusted partners and leading educators, such as John Clayburg, Sunny Harris, Alex Krishtop, Sarah Potter, among others. They are renowned experts with unique training approaches, favorite subjects and ways of delivering content  – all in in one convenient place.

Benefits of the individual course approach:

  • Choose only the courses you’re most interested in

  • Mentors adjust the course to YOU and your trading experience

  • Tutors answer your questions with close attention in detail

  • Choose a time slot that suits you best

We negotiated the price with educators down to an affordable level – $300 USD/per hour lesson.

Don’t miss this chance – we have an even better offer!

Intro Lesson 50% off – for just $150 USD! (quantity limited)

Our experts can accommodate different levels of experience – from beginners to experienced.

Everybody can discover something new and valuable for better trading.

Currently Available Intro Courses:

John Clayburg

Manual And Automated Trading

Buy it now with 50% off

Starting out with the basics, this course will take you from discretionary trading using news reports, chart patterns and technical indicators to programming automated strategies that are self optimizing – actually adjusting their trade generation parameters in real time to generate the best possible returns – by keeping in sync with ever changing market personalities.

Intro Lesson – Buy it now

Alex Krishtop

The essence of systematic trading

Buy it now with 50% off

This course covers the most basic and essential aspects of systematic trading, not necessarily automated, but also with manual execution. Several types of trading systems are considered, that cover various approaches to trading and may be suitable for various kinds of traders and investors. The course features working examples of trading strategies with open source.

Intro Lesson – Buy it now

Sarah Potter

How To Get The Most Out Of Built In Indicators

Buy it now with 50% off

Good trading decisions are determined by gathering good evidence. Each trader should know how to maximize the information they can gather from their charts.  This course will detail how traders can optimize the information that built in indicators provide. Whether you are trading futures, stocks, etfs or options these indicators are at your fingertips and should inform your trading to maximize your trading potential.

Intro Lesson – Buy it now

You will get instructions to choose your preferred lesson time for the course after you purchase it. Offered educational products are absolutely risk-free. We give you a full refund if you don’t take advantage of your lesson within 30 days of purchasing.

If you’d like to have a different topic for your course or a different mentor – please contact us at and we’ll be happy to arrange it for you.

Best regards,

MultiCharts Team

MultiCharts Last Sale Of The Year!

Winter Holiday Offer!

Celebrate holidays together with MultiCharts! Even if you missed the best price of the year, here’s your chance to purchase a lifetime license at a great price!

Here are our final holiday offers:

I. Single License – Save $300

Purchase MultiCharts Lifetime for only $1197 USD!

Purchase MultiCharts .NET Lifetime for only $1197 USD!

II. Bundle Offer – Save $1000

MultiCharts and MultiCharts .NET Lifetime Bundle for only $1994 USD!

III. Additional Lifetime Licenses – Save $500

If you already have a Lifetime License, get another one for only $997 USD! Contact us now to take advantage of this offer!

Offer expires 11:59:59 pm PST on January 1st, 2014.

Don’t miss the chance and order today!

Best regards,

MultiCharts Team


Fantastic Thanksgiving Holiday Sale!

The biggest offer of the year on MultiCharts and MultiCharts .NET lifetime licenses!

Save $500 ($1497 regular) on each Lifetime License right now:

Purchase MultiCharts .NET for only $997!

Purchase MultiCharts for only $997!

If you already have a Lifetime License you can get an additional one with 50% off discount!

Please contact us to take advantage of this offer now!

Don’t miss the chance and order today!


Limited time offer expires 11:59:59 pm PST on December 6th, 2013. All versions come with free lifetime upgrades. If you have any questions send an email to or call us toll-free (US) +1-888-340-6572. Visit for complete information about the product and offerings.

Celebrating MultiCharts .NET Anniversary! 50% OFF!

In just one year, MultiCharts .NET has won the confidence and affection of algo and professional traders all over the globe.  We have constantly upgraded and improved the platform based on feedback from our customers, and traders continue to trust and value MC .NET more and more.

Limited Time Special Offer – Don’t Miss Out!*

Any client who already holds a lifetime license of MultiCharts can purchase a MultiCharts .NET lifetime license with 50% off (only $749) – just contact us.

Get Started Now

Now it becomes easier to take advantage of MultiCharts .NET using our comprehensive Programming Guide. Please watch a short intro video to get an overview of the .NET Editor and the tight integration we created with Visual Studio.

We are Here to Help

Using a new platform can be confusing sometimes, but once you start using MultiCharts .NET you will be glad you did. For more information, videos, and to learn more about features – If you have any questions – contact support now.

*To take advantage of this offer: Contact us with your SWREG confirmation of a MultiCharts lifetime license purchase and indicate you wish use the special offer for a lifetime of MultiCharts .NET.

Offer expires 11:59:59 PST on August 31st, 2013.

MultiCharts 8.7 Release Special Offer

MultiCharts is having a SALE to celebrate the new release! All-new and powerful MultiCharts 8.7 is world’s first technical analysis platform with microsecond accuracy. Enjoy most accurate data sequencing for multi-symbol charts, Time & Sales with advanced aggregation, Tick-by-tick data playback across all instruments, and 60+ other features.


MultiCharts (PowerLanugage)
One license – $1297 ($200 off)
Two Licenses – only $2497 ($500 off)

MultiCharts .NET
One License – $1297 ($200 off)
Two Licenses – only $2497 ($500 off)

You can chat with us through the MultiCharts forum , or contact our support if you have any questions (we have some of the best support technicians in the industry). Visit the Wiki for complete information on MultiCharts. Also, please Report Bugs and Request Features in our Project Management System

MultiCharts 8.7 Release is a major upgrade that has the full arsenal to be a successful trader. Please take a look on the full description of new features and improvements – Complete list of 60+ new features.

The sale is 2 weeks only, offer ends on July 15th at 11:59:59 PST. Both PowerLanguage and .NET versions are on sale. You can get as many licenses as you want!

Last note…
If you had a trial in the last 3 months but you’d like to test the new functionality, please email and we’ll help you out.

Introducing MultiCharts 8.5 – SALE PRICE $1297


Buy a lifetime license of MultiCharts 8.5 or MultiCharts .NET 8.5 for only $1297 with free upgrades to all future versions.

Also enjoy a new exclusive offer from DTN IQFeed for free 30 days of real-time futures, index and FX data (no credit card required). Just fill out a simple form when you start the program.

100+ new exciting features in MultiCharts and MultiCharts .NET 8.5, including:

  • ALL-NEW Volume Delta, Cumulative Delta and Volume Profile chart types
  • New data feed and broker connections from AvaTrade and WeBank
  • New flexible commission rules for accurate backtesting
  • Increased overall stability and performance
  • Complete feature list…


*Limited time offer. All versions come with free lifetime upgrades. If you have any questions send an email to or call us toll-free (US) +1-888-340-6572. Visit for complete information about the product and offerings.

New MultiCharts Special Offers

For a limited time we are offering “Free FX Data for 1 Year” and a “Trade-Up” offer with license purchases of MultiCharts. As for MultiCharts .NET, only the FX Data offer is valid for it. Don’t miss it!

Free FX data for 1 Year

Free FX data for 1 year with purchase of any MC license. Data comes from our FX servers and has tick, minute and daily bar history for 11 years (ask and bid values), and covers 30+ major pairs. Limited time offer. You can see more information about the data feed.

Trade-up Offer

If you already own a permanent license of a competing product, get a lifetime license of MultiCharts for only $997. Limited time offer. Email to take advantage of this offer, or to ask any questions.

LAST DAY – Get 30% off real-time US stock data @TradingView

TradingView (, our online community for traders with online charts, is offering a 30% discount on all US stock data. The official prices and volume from exchanges is available as part of the ProRealTime subscription with a regular price of 19.95. Today is the last day you can get a special deal of only $13.95 per month for the data and some extra features. Don’t miss this chance! GO “PRO REALTIME” NOW on TRADINGVIEW.

Cyber Monday SPECIAL – TradingView offers 30% off real-time data!

TradingView (for those that don’t know) is our startup social community for traders. It also features groundbreaking free online charts in HTML5 that work on any device. Easily share trading ideas right on charts with others, and read ideas of others.

We have a deal with NASDAQ/NYSE/AMEX to offer their paid official stream on our site. Regular price is 19.95/month, but now is your chance to grab a permanent price of only $13.95/month for all real-time US stock data.

To celebrate Cyber Monday for 4 days you can take advantage of this awesome low rate and keep it forever. Offer expires on Monday, November 26th. All members can participate.


P.S. Retweet this post and enter for a chance to win free data for 1 year! One person will be randomly selected from all tweets that have a link to this article.

Price Slash – 70% off OwnData 3!

OwnData 3 is unique software that allows you to use third-party data in TradeStation 8 and TradeStation 9 and opens entirely new possibilities for your trading. With OwnData 3 you can use several real-time and historical data feeds at the same time, protect yourself from data outages and analyze overseas markets.

We are happy to announce a one-time unique sale – November Price Slash!

70% OFF OwnData 3 – Get it now for $997 (reg. price $2997). Limited time offer. Quantities limited.

Supported data feeds include Bloomberg, Interactive Brokers, MetaStock, IQFeed and others. Read the complete data feed list. Please check Tech Specs and Purchase Conditions before ordering.

Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your TradeStation platform, quantities are limited. OwnData 3 comes with a USB dongle that offers hardware security to your software. Dongles are shipped via courier, and their quantity is limited. First-come, first-served basis. One customer may purchase multiple licenses. Limited time offer. Offer expires on November 30th, 2012 at 11:59:59 PM EST.

Have questions? Ask our support, or call us at +1-888-340-6572 (toll-free from US).

MultiCharts .NET for C# and VB.NET Programmers Released!

We are excited to announce a release of a new product – MultiCharts .NET.

MultiCharts .NET combines best features of MultiCharts with robust potential of the .NET framework. Engineered specifically for programmers, users can create strategies and indicators in C# and VB.NET.

Watch a short intro video to get an overview of the .NET Editor and tight integration we created with Visual Studio. Remember, you can choose between 32 and 64-bit versions for the one that suits your needs best.

Key advantages of MultiCharts .NET:

  • Ability to create scripts in C# and VB.NET
  • Low-level access to account, order and data info
  • Create GDI drawings to display complex info on charts
  • Multiple broker and data connections
  • Automated, discretionary and chart trading
  • Complete 64-bit version

Free 30-Day Trial

To get the fully-enabled 30-day trial, please follow this link.

Purchase and Special Offer

You can purchase MultiCharts .NET by visiting the Purchase page.

Special Offer: Any MultiCharts client that holds a lifetime license of MultiCharts may purchase a lifetime license of MultiCharts .NET at a special price of $497. This is a limited time offer that expires on September 1st, 2012. To take advantage of this offer: Contact us with your SWREG confirmation of a MultiCharts lifetime license purchase and indicate you wish use the special offer for a lifetime of MultiCharts .NET.

More Information

Please visit for more information, videos, and to learn more about features.

Enjoy the experience. Contact support if you have any technical questions. Please contact sales at + 1 888 340 6572 (press 2) toll-free and let us demonstrate how to expand your experience.

MultiCharts Discretionary Trader (MCDT) is now available through AMP Global Clearing

Everyone who wanted to see an update to the discontinued MCDT platform now has a chance – through AMP Global Clearing. The all-new MCDT (which includes all the cool features that we built in the last year) is ready for the taking, if you want the CQG connection. Remember, MCDT doesn’t have the ability to create or import custom scripts, but it’s great for people that manage their trades manually. Should you ever want to upgrade, MultiCharts 8 is the version that expands capabilities of MCDT.

The program is exclusive through AMP Global Clearing, you check it out here –

MultiCharts Christmas Sale – More is Better!

We hope that 2011 was a good year for you, and here’s a special holiday offer to celebrate the holidays.

The more you buy, the more you save! Progressive discounts make it easy to take advantage of our award-winning trading software on as many computers as you need.

If you waited to get MultiCharts for your home, work, or your organization – there will be no better time than now. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the tools necessary trading tools for the coming year.*

*Limited time offer. Progressive discount offer for 2nd and 3rd license is valid only if all licenses are purchased at the same time through the bundle links provided above. Offer expires on January 5th, 2011. One person/organization may use the deal multiple times to buy more than one bundle.

Summer Price Cut – Buy OwnData 3 with 50% discount!

Celebrate the summer with us with an exclusive limited time offer. Until midnight on August 31st you can purchase OwnData 3 for only $1497 USD (regular price $2997).

Take advantage of this 50% discount offer now – pay online instantly!

OwnData 3 – New Possibilities of Your TradeStation!

• Use third-party data in all versions of TradeStation 8 to TradeStation 9 (build 8579 RC).
• Don’t be limited to data provided by TradeStation Securities – with OwnData 3 you can use several real-time and historical data feeds at the same time.
• If something happens to your main data feed, you are protected.
• Access and analyze any security market worldwide.

Call +1-888-340-6572 or email if you have any questions.

Happy Trading!

Traders Expo – New York

You can spot MultiCharts at an upcoming Traders Expo show. Every trade show is an exciting opportunity to interact with our customers, partners and industry contacts in a professional, yet relaxed environment. Come by our booth and see the new upcoming developments in MultiCharts, chat with our MultiCharts specialists, and take advantage of special offers available only at the Traders Expo!

Marriott Marquis Hotel, February 20 – 23, 2011

Booth # 5313