Cyber Monday SPECIAL – TradingView offers 30% off real-time data!

TradingView (for those that don’t know) is our startup social community for traders. It also features groundbreaking free online charts in HTML5 that work on any device. Easily share trading ideas right on charts with others, and read ideas of others.

We have a deal with NASDAQ/NYSE/AMEX to offer their paid official stream on our site. Regular price is 19.95/month, but now is your chance to grab a permanent price of only $13.95/month for all real-time US stock data.

To celebrate Cyber Monday for 4 days you can take advantage of this awesome low rate and keep it forever. Offer expires on Monday, November 26th. All members can participate.


P.S. Retweet this post and enter for a chance to win free data for 1 year! One person will be randomly selected from all tweets that have a link to this article.

2 thoughts on “Cyber Monday SPECIAL – TradingView offers 30% off real-time data!

  1. mohi

    Is TradingView datafeed unfiltered like DTN IQFeed and ESignal datafeed?
    Can an active subscripter of TradingView datafeed bring real time tick data into Multicharts and MC Net (for trading stocks)?

    1. Stan_MultiCharts Post author

      TradingView uses BarCharts at the moment, it’s the same feed that you would get if you subsribed for Barchart through MultiCharts. No you can’t bring it over to MultiCharts, just sign up for Barchart if you’d like to see the same data in MC.

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