MultiCharts 15.0 Release 2


OKX data feed and broker profile

Highly demanded OKX connection is now available. Expand your crypto trading with new data source and broker profile.

Trades Summary

The Trades Summary Report is now available as a separate app accessible via the View menu or the Chart Analysis toolbar in main MultiCharts window.  We have also introduced new tools to enhance your reporting:

  • New performance statistics: ROI, IRR, Sortino Ratio
  • An option to choose which instrument parameters to use for PnL calculation
  • An option to set the Minimal acceptable rate of return.

Data and Brokerage

  • Binance: Added sequential order sending settings for marginal trading

Charting/Data Handling

  • Inverted price scale is now available
  • It’s now possible to view approximate amount of data available for Advanced Simulated Trading for symbols in the current workspace
  • You can now select several symbols to create multiple charts at once
  • It’s now possible to define session borders when creating custom resolutions.


Data and Brokerage

  • ASCII Mapping: Fixed timeout bar closing
  • ASCII Mapping: Extended the number of symbols that can be entered into Resolution field
  • ASCII Mapping: Fixed the No Data error with the Break On Session disabled on tick charts
  • ByBit: It’s now possible to switch between Demo and Real connections
  • CQG: Fixed SPC5 data reception
  • CQG: Fixed the Realized P/L display
  • CQG: Fixed the exception upon session end
  • GAIN: Improved data loading and updating for auto trading symbols
  • GAIN: Fixed the BestBid and BestAsk display in DOM windows
  • Metastock: Fixed data loading
  • Free Quotes: Improved processing
  • Barchart: Fixed NG symbol settings
  • Interactive Brokers: Fixed the issue with Bid, Ask and Last status line values not updating after IB software restart
  • Interactive Brokers: Fixed data loading for Composites outside of trading sessions
  • Interactive Brokers: Fixed order sending from separate desktops after IB TWS restart
  • Interactive Brokers: Adjusted to the updated app name – IBKR Gateway
  • IQFeed: The Generate new Ask/Bid tick only if Trade changes option now works on real-time data
  • Kraken: Extended historical Trade data is now available
  • Paper Trader: Fixed the issue with open positions not appearing in the Order and Position Tracker upon Paper Trader connection
  • Rithmic 01: Updated the list of available Systems
  • SAXO: Fixed active order canceling
  • TT2020: Optimized the broker profile operation

Charting/Data Handling

  • Fixed display of the Rectangle drawing with future coordinates that influence indicator calculation
  • Optimized the amount of MouseClickCtrlPressed events when clicking charts with multiple data series
  • Fixed real-time daily data reception resuming after a break for data sources that don’t provide historical data
  • Now when an indicator is turned off, the corresponding subchart is hidden
  • Optimized the Volume Profile Drawing operation on charts with multiple tick data series
  • Fixed indicator updating on daily charts in Standard Simulated Trading with Day by Day resolution

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Move Up and Move Down keyboard shortcuts can now be turned off


  • Fixed price orders behaviour in the Optimize Order Flow mode
  • Fixed the issue with accounts switching randomly on the chart trading panel
  • Fixed the issue with the selected broker profile not being displayed when starting auto trading in Portfolio Trader


  • Fixed GA Optimization recommended parameter selection in Self-Adaptive Trading mode
  • Fixed the issue with applying inputs from Walk-Forward Optimization report
  • Genetic Optimization Settings now display anticipated number of simulations

PowerLanguage Editor

  • Fixed the behaviour with studies from previous sessions not opening on start


  • Optimized calculation speed for signals generating multiple orders with different names


  • Improved performance when displaying Order and Position Tracker data
  • Optimized resource consumption
  • Optimized CPU load for setups with active Volume Profile
  • Fixed the issue with the Show statuses on chart option increasing CPU load
  • Fixed exception when setting starting point for Advanced Simulated Trading on CQG charts
  • Optimized logging which significantly reduced the amount of logs
  • Fixed exception when switching between linked charts


  • TS Support folder is no longer created in the Documents folder
  • Optimized price scale rendering when scrolling charts
  • Format Object menu now appears in the windows where it was opened
  • Now Format Instrument window only displays tabs for security types that are available in the database
  • Optimized Volume Profile rendering with the Display Text enabled for each level
  • Improved text format in the confirmation window when cancelling optimization
  • Fixed Telegram alert coding for Chinese operating systems
  • The Chart Trading Panel icon is now highlighted if it’s been opened on the chart before
  • Recipients’ E-mail Addresses field doesn’t get filled automatically now if there’s an already saved email address