MultiCharts Launches Exclusive Educational Services!

We truly believe that education is the key to success! Trading is a tough business and education makes the difference between winning and losing, or profit and loss. You get better at anything that you train for, and trading is not an exception. There is a number of existing training approaches: trading rooms, online webinars, recorded courses but they all lack the individuality. MultiCharts is offering the service that will be a perfect fit for you:

One-on-one trading seminars with leading traders and renowned educators!

MultiCharts gathered trusted partners and leading educators, such as John Clayburg, Sunny Harris, Alex Krishtop, Sarah Potter, among others. They are renowned experts with unique training approaches, favorite subjects and ways of delivering content  – all in in one convenient place.

Benefits of the individual course approach:

  • Choose only the courses you’re most interested in

  • Mentors adjust the course to YOU and your trading experience

  • Tutors answer your questions with close attention in detail

  • Choose a time slot that suits you best

We negotiated the price with educators down to an affordable level – $300 USD/per hour lesson.

Don’t miss this chance – we have an even better offer!

Intro Lesson 50% off – for just $150 USD! (quantity limited)

Our experts can accommodate different levels of experience – from beginners to experienced.

Everybody can discover something new and valuable for better trading.

Currently Available Intro Courses:

John Clayburg

Manual And Automated Trading

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Starting out with the basics, this course will take you from discretionary trading using news reports, chart patterns and technical indicators to programming automated strategies that are self optimizing – actually adjusting their trade generation parameters in real time to generate the best possible returns – by keeping in sync with ever changing market personalities.

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Alex Krishtop

The essence of systematic trading

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This course covers the most basic and essential aspects of systematic trading, not necessarily automated, but also with manual execution. Several types of trading systems are considered, that cover various approaches to trading and may be suitable for various kinds of traders and investors. The course features working examples of trading strategies with open source.

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Sarah Potter

How To Get The Most Out Of Built In Indicators

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Good trading decisions are determined by gathering good evidence. Each trader should know how to maximize the information they can gather from their charts.  This course will detail how traders can optimize the information that built in indicators provide. Whether you are trading futures, stocks, etfs or options these indicators are at your fingertips and should inform your trading to maximize your trading potential.

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You will get instructions to choose your preferred lesson time for the course after you purchase it. Offered educational products are absolutely risk-free. We give you a full refund if you don’t take advantage of your lesson within 30 days of purchasing.

If you’d like to have a different topic for your course or a different mentor – please contact us at and we’ll be happy to arrange it for you.

Best regards,

MultiCharts Team