Array SetMaxIndex

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Resizes a declared dynamic array to a specified number of elements; returns a value of True to indicate a successful resize. An array can be resized to a larger or to a smaller number of elements; any elements added to an array will be assigned the initial value that was specified at array declaration.




ArrayName - an expression specifying the name of an array to be resized
MaxIndex - a numerical expression specifying the maximum index of the array*

*Array indexes start at 0, and array size is equal to the value of MaxIndex plus one.


True - resize sucessfull

False - resize failed


Resize the dynamic array Array1 to 10 elements by specifying a maximum index value of 9:


Assign a value that indicates a status of the resize of Array1 to the ResizeReport variable:


A value of True will indicate a successful resize, and a value of False will indicate a failed resize.