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Modifies location of an arrow object with the specified ID number; returns a value of 0 if location of the object was successfully modified, and a value of -2 if the specified object ID number is invalid.


Arw_SetLocation_BN (ObjectID, BarNumber, PriceValue)


ObjectID - a numerical expression specifying the object ID number.
BarNumber - a numerical expression specifying the bar number at which the object is to be placed.
PriceValue - a numerical expression specifying the price value (vertical position, corresponding to a value on the price scale of a chart), where the object should be placed.


  • An object-specific ID number is returned by Arw New DT when the arrow object is created.


Move the arrow object with an ID number of 3 to the top of the current bar:

Value1=Arw_SetLocation_BN(3, currentbar,High);