AutoTrading Status Messages

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In automated trading, informational messages and order execution status messages are displayed in a pop-up window in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

These messages can be generated by either MultiCharts or the execution gateway.

Order Execution messages only can be disabled in the Auto Trading tab of the Strategy Properties window.

Status Messages are displayed on following events:

  • Connection to order execution gateway has been established
    071 Connected.gif
  • Connection attempt to order execution gateway has not been successful
    01 UnableConnect.gif
    Note: If you get this message, please make sure that you have enabled API connections in your order execution gateway. Please refer to your gateway's documentation.
  • Connection to order execution gateway has been lost
    02 TurnedOff.gif
    021 ConnectionLost.gif
    Note: Once the connection to order execution gateway is restored, the Connection to order execution gateway has been established message will be displayed.
  • An order has been Filled
    03 OrderFilled.gif
  • An order has been Rejected
    04 OrderRejected.gif
    Note: An order can be rejected if the symbol was not set up correctly in QuoteManager. If this message appears, please verify that the Price Scale, Min Movement, and Big Point Value settings for the symbol are correct in QuoteManager. To learn more, see Setting Properties
  • An order has been Canceled
    051 OrderCancelled.gif
  • Automated Order Execution has been turned off
    02 TurnedOff.gif
    Note: Please see Automatic Termination of Auto Trading for an explanation of when auto trading is automatically turned off.
  • MultiCharts is disconnecting from the execution gateway
    06 Disconnected.gif
    Note: This message is displayed when the last auto trading enabled chart is closed.