Changing Visual Order

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When a number of objects are displayed in a single SubChart, the objects are displayed in "layers" – one object is in the "front", the next is "behind" it, and so on. The order of the layers constitutes the Visual Order of the objects. The Visual Order can be changed to prevent a thick line in the "front" layer from obscuring a thin line in the "back" layer.

The Visual order can be changed by two different methods:

  • Right-click on the chart area and then click Visual Order; in the Visual Order window that appears, select an object and use the order buttons to change its visual order; or:
  • Position the mouse pointer over an object; once the Pointer Pointer.png changes into a Hand Hand.png, right-click, then point to Visual Order and use the shortcut menu order commands to change the visual order of the object.

Visual Order commands/buttons:

Bring to Front – the object will be placed in the front of all other objects
Send to Back – the object will be placed behind all other objects
Bring Forward – the object will be moved one layer to the front
Send Backward – the object will be moved one layer back

Note: The drawings are placed on the data series or indicator that is sent to back of the chart. The lowest in the Visual Order list is the one that is brought to back. All drawings will be attached to it.