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The subsequent loading of previously created charts with multi-tick count-based resolutions is drastically accelerated by use of "Cache" technology.

Whenever the basic tick data is converted to a complex count-based resolution (for example, to 64-tick bars), the converted data is stored in the cache for future use.

As much of the stored data segment as possible is used when another chart with the same resolution is plotted. When a previously created chart is loaded, the stored data is also used.

The cache can be cleared, forcing a fresh set of data to be loaded and used.

To clear the Cache:

  1. Open the QuoteManager window
  2. Right-click on the symbol, for which the cache must be cleared, and then click Clear Cache.
  3. In the dialog box that appears, click OK to clear the cache for that symbol, or click Cancel to cancel the operation.

The cached data downloaded during the last working session is stored on close of all product processes. In order to save the cached data on demand without closing down all platform processes use the option Flush Cached Data to Database in the Edit tab of QuoteManager or the File tab of MultiCharts.